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60-year-old teacher preyed on a student, had three-way with 14-year-old


First she was his science teacher.

Then she became his sex and drug partner.

Four decades his senior, Adrienne F. Laflamme, a Brevard County educator, started a four-week sexual relationship with the 17-year-old student she had taught while he was in custody at a detention center in Cocoa.

Almost as soon as he was released from Brevard Regional Juvenile Detention Center in May of 2008, the boy and his 60-year-old teacher had a liaison that included sex about 15 times, sex toys, driving privileges and a three-way sexual encounter with a 14-year-old boy. The relationship went on for a month or so. When she went on vacation, she let him keep her car.

That helped trip her up.

The boy’s mom complained to juvenile authorities: “Ms. Laflamme allows her son to drive her car, visit her home and buys her son gifts,” according to a Department of Juvenile Justice report.

Before long, Laflamme was facing 15 counts of unlawful sex with a minor, followed by a conviction, a two-year prison sentence, 13 years on probation — and a place on Florida’s sex offender registry.

“This woman’s actions are an absolute disgrace,” Detective Jasmine Campbell said in a police department news release issued at the time. During a police-recorded phone call between Laflamme and the young man after the mom complained, Laflamme encouraged him to lie about their sexual activities, their drug use and the “three-way.”

There was other evidence, however, including text messages about the two driving around town “drug dealing,” and a flirty text that said: “Heard a really hot guy was drivn around Cocoa cq inacar jus like mine :o”

This narrative is part of Tales from the Front, a collection of short stories about Florida's juvenile justice system. The Miami Herald investigated the state's youth corrections system following the 2015 beating death of a Miami-Dade detainee. Read the full "Fight Club" investigative series here.