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On Gardening: Pineapple lily easy to grow, exotically beautiful

Once you start growing the pineapple lily, you'll wonder why you haven't been growing it for years. Sparkling Burgundy was the first one to intrigue me at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens as it was thriving in what I might normally consider extreme conditions. It was and still is growing in full sun, practically no attention from horticulture staff and zero irrigation. Yet, every year it is there blooming with a Shoal Creek vitex, fire bush, and torch lily in a unique combination.


Pet Vet: His bearded dragon lizard no longer wants to eat

I think a lot of people realize that veterinary medicine can present challenges different from those in human medicine. Certainly, our companions have some similar physiology and structures to our own, however the main challenge is that veterinary medicine patients are not as communicative as humans are with their physicians. I have seldom had a patient "tell me where it hurts."

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Dream catchers are a comforting craft

Native American legend tells of a night sky filled with all sorts of dreams. To snare the nightmares, the Ojibwe hang a dream catcher over the bed, which allows only the sweet reveries to flow down to the person slumbering below. We hope your kids will be as inspired by this comforting traditional craft as we are!

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Design Recipes: How to prepare for an estate sale

When a loved one passes on, there are a number of financial aspects that need to be handled, including in many instances the sale of one's home. For most Americans, their home is their single biggest asset, and for those loved ones and heirs left behind, ensuring the proper preparation and sale of the home may be top of mind.

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Plumber: Freestanding baths need special tub fillers

Q: Dear Ed: I've learned a lot about plumbing fixtures from your column and really like the concept of having a freestanding bathtub in my new bathroom. But, since freestanding tubs just sit exposed on the floor with no walls or flat tub rim area for water fixtures, what kind of tub filler valve is used?


MINIONS Christmas Song.mp4

MINIONS Christmas celebration
Nithya Nataraj Minions fans will have to wait until July next year to see them back on the big screen, but they got a Christmas treat this week when the creators released a viral video.
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MINIONS Christmas Song.mp4

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This is a Headline for the Rally in Myrtle Beach 2:34

This is a Headline for the Rally in Myrtle Beach

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Headline for mobile test video