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Make smart tech choices for your new smart home

The smart evolution has begun in our homes. More and more connected items are available to let you control your property from a single device, no matter where you are. Everything from lighting to heating and even making a cup of coffee can be at your fingertips.

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Yardsmart: Don't bring back the hornworms war. This pesticide is safe for home use.

Only those old enough to remember growing tomatoes before Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) know what a nightmare we faced every year. The huge tomato hornworms inevitably show up in our summer crop to defoliate whole plants in one or two day's time. They are so voracious that virtually nothing but chemical pesticides could slow them down, but they never stopped the invasions. In those days, getting perfect tomatoes was not easy as hornworms waged a perpetual war of attrition all summer long.

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Style at Home: The beauty of blue and white

Some color crushes come and go. Others develop into true love that lasts forever. That's how I feel about the color blue, especially when it's paired with white. Blue and white is a cornerstone of my personal design style, and you'll find it all over my home.

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Design Recipes: How to decorate with glass

When designers look to infuse color into a space, glass isn't typically their first choice. While glass can lend itself to multiple applications, glass is often viewed as too transparent a medium to use to add color to a space. However, if one selects the right glass pieces, glass can not only add color, but also interest and dimension to a space as well.

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On Gardening: The uproar over zinnias continues in the garden

It has been eight years, and it is still causing an uproar in the gardening world. If you are an avid gardener, then you probably caught my 'tongue and cheek' on one of the best zinnias to ever hit the market, Uproar Rose. This beauty gives you bouquets for the vase and living arrangements in the landscape.

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Hide the TV or just frame it?

Televisions are the design world's version of a Rorschach test. To take it, just ask yourself this question: Does a television hung above a fireplace mantel make you want to settle in with a bowl of popcorn ... or scream?

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Yes, you can make your home feel like a seaside retreat. Here's how

The Fourth of July may have come and gone, but summer is just getting started – and this means it's time to squeeze in as much time at the beach as possible. But on the off chance that your summer Fridays drag late or you can't seem to get away, we've got an alternative solution: a staycation. Yes, it's possible to achieve the carefree coastal look in your space, even if you live in downtown Manhattan.

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Plumber: Looking for a special kitchen faucet

Q: Hi Ed: I'm replacing my kitchen sink and would like a special kitchen faucet to fit the sink I have chosen. This request may sound strange, but I'd like to get a single-hole kitchen faucet with double-handle separate hot and cold water controls. Do they even make kitchen faucets like this? Any info is helpful.


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MINIONS Christmas celebration
Nithya Nataraj Minions fans will have to wait until July next year to see them back on the big screen, but they got a Christmas treat this week when the creators released a viral video.
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MINIONS Christmas Song.mp4

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This is a Headline for the Rally in Myrtle Beach

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