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Your Office Coach: Worker loses mother and job

Q: I have apparently been fired because I took time off to help my dying mother. For seven years, I was employed by a physician who frequently praised my work. Six months ago, when my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, "Dr. Parker" approved my taking an unpaid leave of absence to care for her.


Why janitors get noncompete agreements, too

When Krishna Regmi started work as a personal care aide for a Pittsburgh home health agency in 2015, he was given a stack of paperwork to sign. "They just told us, 'It's just a formality, sign here, here, here,'" he said.


Bluemercury founder taking neighborhood approach to luxury beauty, spa service sales

CHICAGO – When Barry and Marla Beck launched Bluemercury in 1999 as an upscale, neighborhood alternative to the department store beauty-buying experience, they had to convince brands and investors to sell beauty outside the mall. Even their company's name – a combination of Marla's favorite color and ancient Roman messenger god Mercury, a nod to their focus on giving customers quality beauty information and advice – wasn't an immediate hit.


Your Office Coach: What to do about spiteful colleague

Q: A coworker recently sent me a text that was clearly intended for someone else. In the text, "Brian" stated that dealing with me was "awkward" and that he'd had enough of me to last the rest of his life. This was quickly followed by a second text saying the previous one was misdirected, but it did not contain an apology.


Liz Reyer: It can be difficult at first letting go of control

Q: I am accustomed to having a lot of control in my job, calling the shots and setting direction. It ensures that things are done correctly. However, we now have a new CEO who is changing the expectation so that we have more flexibility as a company. I'm not sure I agree with her and am really struggling to adapt. What should I do?


Early lessons from tough bosses took Kate Duchene into the problem-solving business

LOS ANGELES – Since December, Kate W. Duchene has been chief executive of Resources Connection Inc., parent of RGP, a 3,300-employee company with 67 offices around the world. RPG is part temp agency – for professionals that businesses can't afford to keep on staff full time – and part expert resource. Duchene said the Irvine company, formerly called Resources Global Professionals, can quickly assemble a team of several dozen, if necessary, to help with matters such as mergers, implementing a new business strategy, retrenching and learning to comply with new regulations.


Don't get fired like James Comey: 3 ways to keep your job

Last week, President Trump sent shockwaves through the nation when he fired FBI Director James Comey, whose 10-year term should have placed him in office until September 2023. Precedent made Comey appear untouchable, considering this is only the second time in U.S. history a president has made such a move.


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