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Rapper Flo Rida served with paternity suit on behalf of unborn child

Glamour model Natasha Georgette Williams isn’t wasting any time.

Williams, of Sanford, just filed a paternity lawsuit against superstar rapper Flo Rida in Miami-Dade County — and the baby is not due for another seven months.

Williams claims the baby was conceived by the singer of Wild Ones and that he needs to pay for all medical bills pertaining to the birth.

She also wants the court to force Flo to undergo a paternity test to make double sure he’s the daddy.

Williams said she expects Flo will be involved in the child’s life and wants a time-sharing agreement.

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Oh yes: She wants child support, too, and she says he can afford a good chunk of change.

Said Reginald Mathis, Flo’s lawyer: “All I know if that we have a free gospel concert on Friday. We don’t have time for this. He wasn’t in a relationship with this young woman, and I’m not even sure he knew her. We’re praying for her and her unborn child.”

Flo is holding his second yearly Gospel Explosion festival in Huizenga Park in Fort Lauderdale Friday.

TV turmoil

CBS has launched an investigation into allegations of a hostile work environment at the network’s Miami station, according to two CBS 4 insiders.

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A handful of producers and reporters were called into Human Resources over the past two weeks and asked to speak candidly about the newsroom’s inner workings.

They were questioned about the leadership styles of several managers, and the reasons for months of malaise that’s translating into abysmal ratings.

Officials at both WFOR and CBS in New York declined comment.

One station insider said the probe began after several current and former employees bypassed local management to complain directly to corporate bosses in New York.

Top managers at the station include News Director Liz Roldan, General Manager Adam Levy and Executive Producer Cari Hernandez.

The atmosphere has been fueled in part by difficult contract talks with talent, and the departures of several high-profile personalities.

Friday’s 11 p.m. newscast was weatherman David Bernard’s last broadcast. In August, anchorman Josh Benson was fired after station officials said he used station footage on his personal website.

Two weeks ago, a respected producer suddenly announced she quit and walked out just hours before the 11 p.m. newscast, the newsroom insider said.

Real estate report

The historic Manga Reva property built on a Fort Lauderdale canal by the family of Anheuser Busch brewer Adolphus Busch III is back on the market at a steep discount.

The 12,000-square-foot, six-bedroom home, at 1000 Riviera Dr., is for sale for $12.9 million after being pulled off the market earlier this year. It was then $15 million.

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