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Richie Incognito gets a new Ferrari

As if suspended Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito couldn’t be more offensive, he just got himself a Ferrari as the media firestorm around his behavior continues.

Incognito, who allegedly bullied teammate Jonathan Martin until he quit the team Oct. 30, was spotted outside his fancy beach-side Fort Lauderdale development Tuesday to pick up what appeared to be a brand new black Ferrari FF.

It was delivered to him by truck from California.

Paparazzi at safe distance flashed away as Incognito, 30, signed the papers, slowly walked around the car several times, caressed the hood to make sure there were no scratches then took it for a spin.

The 12-cylinder speeding machine retails for about $300,000.

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The Miami Herald reported this week that Incognito is about to be cut after he allegedly hurled racial epithets and threats at Martin for weeks earlier this season.

Incognito is remaining mostly below the radar, except for an occasional breakfast at his favorite a.m. hangout, the H & E Marina Deli near the 17 Street Causeway.

Reports say that Incognito may have forced Martin to buy him a $15,000 trip to Las Vegas.

Ex-girlfriend talks

Other than teammates like receiver Mike Wallace, it’s not easy to find folks willing to defend Incognito’s character.

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His ex-girlfriend, however, says she has fond memories of him.

Missouri Miss Madison Yates, 26, recently broke up with Incognito amid rumors that Incognito’s gruff and temperamental ways got the best of that relationship.

Gossip Extra was told the two met when Incognito played for the St. Louis Rams, and Yates followed her fellow to South Florida when he got picked up by the Fins.

We reached out to Yates, who still lives in Fort Lauderdale, and she emailed a statement saying she has nothing but warm feelings about the big guy.

“Richie was nothing but kind to me and a great friend,” Yates wrote. “I have no further comment.”

She did not respond to an email asking why the two broke up.

Out of the club?

Real Housewives of Miami’s Adriana de Moura reportedly was asked to stop using the facilities of the exclusive Fisher Island Club, Gossip Extra hears.

De Moura, 47, was discreetly asked to leave the club’s restaurant sometime in September and hasn’t been back since, two sources intimately familiar with the club report.


She’s no longer a member after her condo there was sold in foreclosure, and she can no longer use someone else’s membership without her host’s presence.

De Moura, who became one of the current season’s stars, has a history with folks on the tony island. Her homeowners association went after her several times for nonpayment of maintenance fees, and JP Morgan Chase eventually foreclosed on her island condo in 2011, according to county records.

Yet De Moura has continued to use the club’s posh facilities.

According to a letter obtained by Gossip Extra, Fisher Island Club managers are tightening the rules governing the presence of nonmembers.

Mabel Padron

“My husband is an officer in a corporation that has a membership,” De Moura said. "I haven’t been back there in a while because I’ve been traveling. I was never kicked out.”

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