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Finger-waving Heat fan sells house, changes name

Remember the socialite Miami Heat fan photographed with her extended middle finger in Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah’s face during last year’s playoffs?

Well, she’s still around — but she sold her house at a loss and moved, and she changed her name, according to public records.

The Palm Beach County woman who was then known as Filomena Tobias, 48, quietly made her moves two months ago, according to records.

And it was partly because the photos of her obscene gesture led media worldwide to rehash her background as the widow of a CNBC pundit who died under mysterious circumstances in 2007.

Tobias isn’t talking, but a friend said the widow felt changing her name would return some privacy.

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“We were getting closer to the playoffs,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous, “and she thought all this stuff was going to bubble up again. She was freaked out ... with reporters calling her house.”

Tobias was in the expensive seats in May 2013 when her finger in Noah’s face after he was kicked out of Game 2 of a Heat-Bulls playoff game was everywhere.

The stories mentioned the drowning death of Wall Street prodigy Seth Tobias in the couple’s pool in Jupiter and the ensuing investigation. The death eventually was deemed an accident, and no charges were filed.

Tobias, by the way, kept her Heat season tickets, but they’ve been used by family, friends and even her lawyer.

But Tobias did sell her home down the street from NBA legend Michael Jordan in Jupiter, property records show, for $3.8 million. She lost almost $800,000.

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About the same time, Anthony Barbuto, Tobias’ attorney, petitioned a Palm Beach County family court to change her name to Mia Manente.

The change was granted before the first round of the playoffs, according to records. Barbuto declined comment.

bieber update

A Miami judge Tuesday heard arguments from attorneys for a celebrity photographer and pop singer Justin Bieber on whether Bieber’s manager can be compelled to testify in a lawsuit against him, and whether the testimony can be kept secret.

Scooter Braun, the man behind Bieber’s career, was served with a subpoena to testify in the lawsuit from Miami Beach paparazzo Jeffery Binion. He was served as he watched some of the acts at the recent Ultra Music Festival here.

But Braun never showed up for his meeting with Binion’s Aventura attorney, Mark DiCowden. And now, DiCowden wants him punished and deposed soon.

In court filings, the Biebs’ attorneys at Roy Black’s firm claim Braun’s videotaped depo would lead to public relations damages.

Judge Sarah Zabel is expected to rule within weeks. She also set a trial date for Feb. 9, 2015.

fishing report

Fins’ Weekend, the Miami Dolphins’ yearly charity weekend, had it all.

There was golf and a party or two on Friday; and fishing Sunday, when wide receiver Brian Hartline caught a massive, you got it, dolphin.

The main party was the popular Hook and Tackle Captain’s wingding at the Miami Beach Marina Saturday night in South Beach.

That’s where some of the players, including cornerback Brent Grimes, defensive end Dion Jordan, and punter Brandon Fields, mingled with well-heeled fans.

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