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Gossip extra: Sale of O.J. Simpson home in Kendall finally goes through

Things are never easy when it comes to O.J. Simpson.

The former Buffalo Bills running back, whose ex-wife and friend were found dead 20 years ago Thursday, lost his Kendall home to foreclosure last summer.

Yet, it took until last month for the sale to be consummated.

According to county records, the buyer who paid $513,200 for the 4,200-square-foot, four-bedroom crib is Global Rental E&P, a small investment company based in Doral.

“They buy houses, fix them and sell them,” said Arnaldo Velez, Global Rental’s attorney.

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And on paper, it seems Global Rental got a hell of deal. The house, at 9450 SW 112th St., is thought to be worth more than $600,000.

A previous buyer bid $655,000 on the property in the fall, but that sale was cancelled.

So, it seems, all of Simpson’s ties to Miami are now severed for good.

The fallen NFL icon bought the place in 2000 to shield some of his assets from seizures after a $33.5 million civil judgment was filed against him in California for the murders.

Simpson had been found to be liable for the killing despite his acquittal in criminal court.

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Simpson stopped making mortgage payments nearly three years ago, after he was found guilty of robbery and kidnapping of a sport memorabilia dealer in Las Vegas.

He owed the bank, JP Morgan Chase, almost $900,000.

bieber plea deal?

A courthouse source close to the DUI case brought against pop star Justin Bieber confirmed rumors that a plea deal is in the works.

Bieber’s DUI, resisting an officer without violence, and driving without a valid license charges were due to be tried July 28, but the case could end July 16 during a hearing just added to the docket.

Gossip website TMZ is reporting that the deal with prosecutors calls for Bieber to plead guilty to reckless driving. The sentence would include a fine and anger management training, and it doesn’t include probation.

Bieber, 20, was thrown in the slammer Jan. 23 when Miami Beach cops found the singer of Baby allegedly drag racing in a rented Lamborghini.

He recently tweeted about finding Jesus and was baptized a Christian.

football update

A civil lawsuit brought here two years ago by former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson over the publication of his sex tapes was dismissed quietly in April because, according to the court papers, neither Johnson nor the two websites that published the tapes wanted to pursue the case.

Johnson, who now plays for the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes, claimed the graphic footage of him and a heavily tattooed woman in a Miami Beach hotel in 2012 was stolen.

The lawsuit against and was filed in February, just days before Johnson signed to play in Canada.

successful lawsuit

And finally, notch one for the area’s employees!

Fired Barton G vice president Suzanne Pallot just won her court case against the Miami Beach foodie company just to allow her to look for work.

When she was hired as party designer, Pallot agreed she couldn’t work for a competing company for three years after whenever she left.

A Miami-Dade court just found that the contract was too broad and unenforceable.

The restaurant and catering company Barton G is appealing because, a source familiar with the case said, the company’s worried she would reveal trade secrets.

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