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Paternity suit filed against dead polo player Carlos Gracida

A Miami woman has filed a paternity suit against the estate of polo star Carlos Gracida, who died in a fall from his horse during a match in February in Wellington.

The child, a daughter, was born in May in Miami to Mexican citizen Monica Sierra, according to court records.

Sierra was five months pregnant when Gracida, 53, one of the world’s best known players, died.

DNA tests conducted after Gracida’s death by Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office showed there’s a 99.9 percent chance Gracida was the father.

Sierra’s goal in filing the lawsuit was to stake her claim to Gracida’s inheritance along with Gracida’s two adult sons from a failed marriage, and to make sure that the baby would be able to gain U.S. citizenship, said Craig Galle, the attorney for Gracida’s estate.

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Thing is: Although he made millions playing for patrons ranging from Arab sheiks to rich Argentinians and mentoring the likes of Brit princes William and Harry, Gracida died virtually penniless, his attorney said.

“Carlos died with little or no assets,” Galle said. “At one point, he was a multimillionaire. But he must not have gotten much guidance on the business front.”

Palm Beach County records show Gracida’s $600,000 house was seized by a bank in 2012. He also lost millions in polo-related real estate projects overseas.

Gracida never regained consciousness after his horse’s head slammed into his when it was hit by another player’s mallet.


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A Hialeah couple wanted to live the good life in Palm Beach — and it landed them in jail.

Javier Roura, 25, and Joanna Sanchez, 28, were charged with forgery, fraud, illegal use of a credit card and grand theft.

Back in July, the two showed up at the Four Seasons Palm Beach with no reservation. They did manage to secure a room and quickly rang up $10,000 worth of goodies — including a room service bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue and $8,000 in clothes.

Problem: Their credit card was fake, and so were the names they gave at the desk.

How did police track them down and arrest them Wednesday? One of their probation officers recognized them on hotel surveillance video.


Expect to see a lot more of Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres in the area of the Parc Plaza condo building in Miami Beach.

Torres, 60, is unloading his house in Jupiter so he can spend more time in South Beach, where he own a condo at the Parc.

The Jupiter crib is on the market for $3.3 million, 12 years after the golf-crazed drummer bought it.

“When he’s not on tour, Tico’s spending quite a bit of time in Miami Beach,” said Gina Franano, his publicist.


Ex-Miami Heat star LeBron James may have inadvertently tweeted the name of his soon-to-be-born daughter on Friday.

King James posted a photo of him and pregnant wife Savannah vacationing in Greece before he joins the Cleveland Cavaliers for pre-season camp.

And in the short accompanying text, James dropped this line: “ Mykonos Greece is spectacular! Push gift to my wife . . . ! Zhuri hurry up and get here so your daddy and 2 brothers can annoy you! Lol.”

Zhuri? Ooops!

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