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How Miami Heat players prepare during the off-season

Q. Now that the Miami Heat season has ended what do you do with the players in the off-season?

A. At the end of the season all the players underwent an exit physical to evaluate any injuries or orthopedic conditions that were lingering during the playoff season. A plan was made for any player that had an injury to be evaluated and rehabilitated over the ensuing weeks. All the players were also evaluated of the areas of strengths and weaknesses that could be improved with proper training and conditioning during the off-season.

The Miami Heat also has draft picks this year. Potential incoming rookies were either evaluated with a complete medical and orthopedic examination at the Chicago combine or in Miami. This gives us an opportunity to hopefully draft the player who can remain healthy and productive during his NBA years.

The Miami Heat also conducts a summer camp for potential free agents or drafted young players who require additional experience. The camp includes workouts with the Miami Heat coaching staff as well as games in Orlando and Las Vegas. Prior to the training camp, each of these players will undergo a physical exam including internal medicine exam, cardiology exam and an orthopedic examination.

As free agents are signed, each will undergo a comprehensive physical including EKG, stress test, echocardiogram, blood work including cholesterol analysis, a cardiology exam, orthopedic exam, podiatric exam, and dental exam. Once again, areas of weaknesses will be addressed with an individualized conditioning and workout program arranged through the training and rehabilitation staff of the Miami Heat of Jay Sabol, Rey Jaffett, Mike Mancias and Bill Foran.

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Dr. Harlan Selesnick is team physician of the Miami Heat and director of Miami Sports Medicine Fellowship, Doctors Hospital. Send your questions to

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