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Dealing with neck issues

Q. My neck is driving me crazy! Can you tell me what possible treatments are available, as all I see is a wrinkled mess. Are there non-surgical treatments for it?

You must be around 40 something. That is the time that many patients cannot get over their necks. Often I see patients whose eyes make them look ancient, yet it’s their neck that bothers them.

Many necks look bad because of dry skin. Often, using appropriate moisturizers can improve the appearance. If you have “cords’’ in your neck, you could have very active muscle movement. If this is the case, Botox or Dysport could help you by relaxing the muscles and making your neck appear smoother.

Other non-invasive procedures include Fraxel (laser), Thermage (radio frequency waves) and Ulthera (ultrasound). All these machines improve the neck, but you should speak to your doctor, as each has a preference as to which ones work best.

If a more definitive solution is what you want, here are some suggestions: If you have a small amount of fat with a grade one gobbler, lipo-suction is all you may need. If, in addition to having fat, you have excess skin, you may need lipo-suction with excision of skin under the chin. The incision is well hidden and usually imperceptible.

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Lipo-suction may be done with local anesthesia and mild sedation and is an outpatient procedure. If you have muscle bands along with excess skin, you may need to have a full neck lift. This means bigger incisions may need to be extended behind your ears to access and treat your major gobbler.

Finally, if all else fails and you may have too much for a neck lift, your physician may suggest that you undergo a face and neck lift. While it’s sounds like I’m simplifying this answer, know that you do have choices and you should be empowered to ask your doctor about them.

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