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Plastic Surgery 101: What’s the best way to get rid of my fat neck?

Q. I'm about to get married and even though I'm thin, I have a fat neck. My mother had it, my grandmother had it and now I have it. I have about six months before my wedding. Is there anything I can do about it?

A. The good news is that there is. There is a procedure called liposuction of the neck, which can be done and you can be ready within six months.

Over the last few years, patients and doctors have been mesmerized by noninvasive techniques. Noninvasive techniques are great but when you need to have surgery to get a better result, neck liposuction works very well. When being evaluated, you need to see a physician who can provide both invasive and noninvasive procedures so that you get the complete range of services that are available.

Your neck may improve with a noninvasive procedure such as Ulthera or Thermage. The problem with using these two modalities is that they are time sensitive and that they are not as predictable as liposuction.

Liposuction of the neck is done with sedation anesthesia. Three small incisions are made around the face, one behind each ear and one under the chin. The procedure may take between 45 minutes and one hour.

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During the procedure and on your pre-operative evaluation, the physician may determine that some skin must be taken from underneath the chin. If that is the case, the incision underneath the chin is elongated and skin is removed. Because the incision is underneath the chin, it is rarely visible.

After surgery is completed, the bandages are taken off within two to three days. A compression bandage is used for approximately two weeks at night alone. Within a few weeks the results are visible. Normal activity may be resumed within three or four weeks of the procedure. In properly selected patients, this is a very satisfying procedure which requires very little time for recovery, minimal pain and great results!

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email your questions to him at:

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