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After 10 years of writing column, readers still comment

Q. As I pass my 10-year anniversary writing this column, I want to thank everybody who has read it. I want to thank the people who encouraged me by writing in questions and making positive comments.

I also want to thank the people who have written me not-so-nice questions and/or comments — even that inspires me! I will continue to write this column as long as there are questions that people would like to have answered and as long as the technology that drives the aesthetic market continues to grow.

Over the years, I have recognized that many aspects of running a successful practice and writing a successful column is to be able to recognize and deal with the psychosocial aspects of plastic surgery. I will continue to explore these aspects in my future columns (don't think I've gone psycho on you).

I encourage you all to continue to write in questions and make comments, both negative and positive, as this will help me improve.

Thank you, again, and we will resume with questions during my next column.

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