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‘Water & Clorox!’ This Real Housewife mops her own floors now because of coronavirus

Ramona Singer is really getting serious about cleaning her Boca Raton house amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” star showed a video to her 748,000 followers on Wednesday of her mopping the floors with a mix of bleach and water.

Caveat: Singer did admit she was not exactly a professional at this cleaning stuff.

Wearing a slinky nightie, rubber gloves and barefoot, Singer mops an area of the kitchen as best she can.

“Whelp, what can I say... not taking any chances over here so had to do away with the housecleaning service. I think I am managing quite well, don’t you think!?”

“All right! Water and Clorox! Disinfects germs!”

She’s right there, though the smell is tough to take. These days, we would also use bleach alternative Fabuloso because it smells so amazing, just saying.

In the comments section below, the 63 year old reality star admitted she hadn’t mopped in 45 years.

As you’d expect, Singer who is isolating with her ex husband Mario Singer and their daughter Avery during the crisis, got slagged a bit.

“That’s just sad!”

“First world problems!”


Some wanted to make sure the TV star paid her housecleaner during the pandemic.

But the most appropriate comment was this gem: “Now that’s a real housewife.”

You win, @hco____, whoever you are.

And Ramona, in case you need to hear this: Thanks for the rare chuckle we got amid this insanity, for realz.

This story was originally published March 26, 2020 4:52 PM.

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