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Miami’s under curfew, but its residents took their partying to their balconies

From Italy to Spain to India, videos of people on their balconies singing, dancing and cheering on medical professionals on the frontlines of the novel coronavirus pandemic have taken the world by storm.

On Friday, city of Miami residents showed that same support for caregivers. They didn’t let coronavirus-caused curfews dull their fun as videos poured onto social media showing cheering, clapping, singing and dancing.

On Wednesday, Miami’s five commissioners voted unanimously to start a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew on Friday night. During the curfew, police would be able to stop, question and arrest anyone outside.

As Miami’s first curfew began, its residents might have stayed home but they didn’t do it quietly. At The Mint Condominium, 92 SW Third St., residents chanted “Miami! Miami! Miami!” from their balconies.

Adrian Brito, who was visiting a cousin, grabbed his phone and started recording.

“Believe it or not, at that moment I was proud to be a Miamian,” Brito said.

After chanting, residents blasted classic Miami house music from their condos and danced, Brito said. Some apartments had party lights and at one point someone lit a flare on a balcony.

Near Brickell World Plaza, Twitter user Nicole, @xoxonicolee_, recordered residents dancing and cheering from nearby apartments as music carried over Brickell Avenue.

Over by Brickell City Centre, Christopher Medeiros tweeted video of residents banging pots and pans, whistling and clapping as music played low somewhere in downtown Miami.

Tania Leets also caught video from her balcony of Brickell residents clapping for caregivers.

This is something countries all over the world have taken part in. CNN reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for the people to express gratitude for the nation’s healthcare workers. The people did just that. They stood in their doorways and on balconies applauding, ringing bells and blowing conch shells

Miami residents be under the curfew until further notice. There are only six exceptions to the curfew:

Essential state, county and city emergency personnel, such as police, fire rescue and ambulances

Utility emergency repair crews

Emergency calls by physicians

Food delivery and third-party food delivery services

Walking dogs within 250 feet of the owner’s home

This story was originally published March 27, 2020 11:37 PM.

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