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‘Truly beautiful’: Miami musician treats his quarantined neighbors to balcony concert

There are bright spots, however seldom, amid this coronavirus crisis.

On Wednesday evening, Malén Guirado Buenaventura stepped out onto her 12th floor balcony at the Key Colony in Key Biscayne and heard the most splendid sound.

A musician playing a violin across the way in another building, the Commodore, while the sun was setting.

“It was truly beautiful,” Buenaventura told the Miami Herald. “Some of us on Key Biscayne have been following a strict quarantine since last week and after several days at home without going out, not even to buy groceries, listening to this was delightful and a mental break from everything that’s been going on lately.”

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The mini-concert in the sky also included “Despacito” and a few tracks from Coldplay,” she reported, adding the musician’s name is Crescente Pérez Errázuriz and he has never graced his neighbors with his music before. But she will step out again this evening as the sun is about to set to check.

People in countries such as Spain and Italy have also used their balconies to interact with other people while social distancing to help keep the worldwide disease from spreading.

This story was originally published March 19, 2020 4:45 PM.

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