Hey parents, due to coronavirus, you’re a homeschool teacher now. Bring on the memes

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We’re not all cut out to be teachers — that’s a fact many of us learned this week.

After it was announced that schools were closing amid the coronavirus pandemic, parents had to step up and put on their home-school hats.

For the fortunate ones who are able to work remotely, this can be a great time for bonding with your children, whom you often don’t see during the workday.

But as many found out, homeschooling doesn’t just involve reading, writing and ‘rithmetic.

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Many social media users are expressing their experiences, some frustrating, some hysterical, via memes, gifs and free-flowing rants.

Just do a search for the hashtag #homeschooling and you’ll see quite the sampling. The takeaway: Being a teacher is not easy and we all need to appreciate the hell out of them once the madness calms down.

Math seems to be a tricky subject for most folks. One parent admitted to using Mr. Google to be able to help.

The majority of folks don’t know a lick about Common Core, the standardized curriculum that started in schools in 2009. One funny meme is about we’re all going to go old school.

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Dad Jason Dotson joked that homeschool teachers should unionize: “NO ONE should be forced to work under the circumstances,” he tweeted.

Another mom with the handle @BrendaFA81 thinks teachers should be paid “a million dollars” and showed a picture of an agonizingly perfect makeshift calendar outlining activities for the school day.

We are seeing a lot of posts about how much looser rules are when studies are conducted in the living room or kitchen.

“I’m teaching my kids how to bartend for me and tipping them in Goldfish crackers,” posted @elisabeth.

And others are realizing how much patience it takes to educate, with one meme illustrating how many questions a child asks in an average day.

One of the funnier memes making the rounds: “Home schooling is going great: Two students were suspended for fighting, one student in detention for talking back and one teacher fired for drinking tequila on the job.”

Having little people around 24/7 may not be such a bad deal: Many smartypants are using the opportunity to teach home economics.

“Cooking 101, Washing Dishes 101A, Laundry 102, Sewing 102A, Vacuuming 103 & Garbage 104.”

Now that doesn’t sound like such a bad curriculum at all.

Joking, just joking.

Hang in there. We got this.

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