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Miami Springs to undergo ‘emergency’ gas pipeline repairs

A recent inspection of a gas pipeline that runs along Northwest 36th Street shows “critical anomalies” in the pipe that must be corrected “within five days,” according to a July 14 letter sent to city officials by the Florida Gas Transmission Company.

As a “precaution,” Florida Gas reduced the gas pressure to the “Miami Lateral” 12-inch pipeline as repairs were scheduled to begin Friday in the 4400 block of Northwest 36th Street between Lee and Forrest drives.

The Chase Bank building is nestled along this block and Florida Gas has assured the city that access to businesses in the area will be “maintained” even though two of the three westbound traffic lanes along the busy corridor will be closed, according to Florida Gas.

Traffic along the Northwest 36th Street already is snarled because of a nearby Florida Department of Transportation project where lanes have been rerouted for street and sidewalk repairs.

Other road impacts, according to Florida Gas, include bus stops along Northwest 36th Street and “traffic exiting the Miami International Airport’s cargo facility.”

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State officials do not know how long the project will last, though two construction crews have been assigned to work “24 hours per day” until complete.

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