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Subway on 36th street in Miami Springs robbed at gunpoint

The young man who robbed the Subway at 4889 NW 36th St. last Wednesday, July 30 at 8 p.m. didn’t seem to have much of a plan.

Before entering, he paced the sidewalk in front of the store, attracting the attention of a worker, and after taking $300 at gunpoint, he tried to leave by the rear door but it was locked, so he had to go out the front door. Nevertheless, he got away down the alley behind the strip of businesses.

However, the restaurant has several surveillance cameras that caught the crime on video and police are confident that the armed robber will be caught.

Two employees were working in the store at the time of the incident and worker Rasheita Betts said she noticed the man’s nervous behavior outside of the store’s window. At one point, the robber waved at Betts. The employee said she thought about calling the police but moments later the man was gone.

When back behind the counter, Betts looked up and the man was also behind the counter pointing a gun at her and screaming, “Give me all the money!” Betts complied but the man demanded money from the other drawer and struck her on her wrist with his gun. Betts told the robber there was no second drawer

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At that point, a male customer entered the store and the robber moved behind a wall so he couldn’t be seen. Betts tried to get the customer to leave but he didn’t understand.

In the meantime, the other employee, Germaine Christalin, saw what was going on and called 911 as the robber headed for the rear door, which was locked. The robber then ran out the front door and north on Lavilla Drive. Owner Faiz Rauf said Miami Springs Police were on the scene within two minutes. Backup officers patrolled the area looking for the suspect.

Faiz’s father, Abdul, has owned the business since 1994 and it’s still a family operation affair with manager Faiz, younger brother Ahmed, dad and mom Rehana behind the counter on various shifts.

“We had another incident more than 10 years ago,” said Faiz. “The place is safe. Miami-Dade and Miami Springs Police officers are often here.”

Faiz said the two employees on duty when the robbery occurred were a little nervous at first but they’re handling the situation OK.

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“We started being open 24 hours a few months ago and overnight business picked up with police officers patrolling the area and stopping by and airport workers come in because MIA is always working,” said Faiz. “We also get a lot of tourists and hotel guests who have time before leaving on cruise ships.”

Faiz said his video system is so contemporary that he can watch the interior of his store from home on his laptop and on his cell phone.

“We want our customers to know that our business is safe,” said Faiz. “Our goals are security, cleanliness, food quality and food safety. We’ve been in Miami Springs for 20 years. I basically grew up in this store and we’re part of the community.”

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