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The Python Invasion Project: Jim Meyer

Jim Meyer's fascination with snakes goes back to his childhood, when he hiked the Everglades for fun and came home with a bucket full of snakes.

His friend and fellow python hunter, Leonardo Sanchez, calls him the "snake whisperer" because of his ability to catch snakes by hand and tame them almost instantly.

In this week’s ninth video snippet -- outtakes of The Python Invasion documentary that will broadcast on WPBT2 later in the year -- viewers will see Meyer dance with the pythons he catches.

Meyer, like other hunters, complains that his range as a python hunter is severely limited by overlapping jurisdictions among agencies in South Florida. For example, he is not allowed to hunt in Everglades National Park, or along the levies of the South Florida Water Management District. Meyer's python hunting permit was issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and is no longer active, according to FWC records.

He says those inconsistent policies are helping pythons spread faster and further into the Everglades.

"Pythons don't recognize any of these borders, only people do," Meyer said.

Oscar Corral is the founder and president of Explica Media, and the director and producer of The Python Invasion. Follow him on Twitter @ojcorral

This story was originally published June 16, 2014 3:13 PM.

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