Cuban ex-CIA agent Posada returns to Miami

After being acquitted in a trial for perjury in federal court in El Paso, former CIA-agent Luis Posada Carriles plans to make his first public appearance in Miami on Wednesday during a press conference and then he will dinner at the Big Club Five of Miami.

Both the conference and dinner will be held in the Big Five Club, 600 SW 92 Avenue, Posada, 83, appreciated the support of the thousands of exiles who contributed money to finance his legal defense.

"Much of this case was financed with checks of $ 5 or $ 10 sent by grandmothers and other Cuban exiles who wanted to help'' said Arturo V. Hernandez, Posada's attorney.

The Big Five Club has hosted several fund-raising dinners for Posada since he was arrested by the Police Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Miami May 2005.

Hundreds attended the recent dinner in February, which auctioned one of Posada's oil on canvas landscapes.

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Last week, Posada was acquitted of lying to immigration officials about his alleged involvement in bomb attacks against tourist sites in Cuba in 1997 after entering the country in 2005.

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