Meet the Editorial Board

Juan Vasquez

I moved to Miami in 1985 to cover Latin America for a TV network, back when the networks still cared about the region, and spent years living out of a suitcase. I never intended to stay forever, but can't think of a more interesting or more enchanting place to live. I was born in Texas, and my wife, Patricia, and I live in Miami-Dade and have two grown children.

I've been at The Herald since 1999, first as national/foreign editor and, beginning in mid-2003, as deputy editorial page editor. The editorial department consists of three separate parts, plus Jim Morin's cartoon. There's the letters-to-the-editors section, which reflects the belief that everyone's entitled to an opinion. There's the Op-ed, or opposite editorial, page, which reflects the notion that some opinions deserve longer exposition. And there are the editorials, where we offer our institutional opinion based on aggressive reporting and what we believe is best for this community.

Five years ago, we used to get roughly 30 Op-ed offers a day. Nowadays, it's closer to 80 when there's a hot topic in the news. We can put some of these online, but, we have to be more selective both online and in print. Either way, the goal is to offer compelling writing and a variety of points of view. We want to make sure there's something there you want to read every day.

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