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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Youth Fair is more than fun and games

The 69th annual Youth Fair, the largest charity fundraising event in the county, starts on March 12 for 21 days of family fun. We rely on visitors to the fair to keep constant our mission to support education, celebrate youth accomplishments, and give back to the community. We do it all as an independent nonprofit organization operating without a penny of taxpayer money.

The fair embodies our community’s identity and acts to reinforce it. City dwellers and country folk alike come together to celebrate American county fair traditions and learn about today’s agriculture industry. In Miami-Dade, agriculture continues to be a valuable resource, creating 20,000 jobs and producing more than $2.7 billion in economic impact annually.

Every person who enters the fairgrounds leaves their mark by allowing us to pay it forward.

Last year, the fair granted $586,720 in college scholarships, cash premiums, and awards. We helped 150 deserving high school seniors from public and private schools with college costs by awarding each a $1,000 scholarship. We sponsored the Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics for Miami-Dade’s public high school students. We judged, awarded and displayed more than 63,000 winning student projects.

In addition to mentoring public school students for an agri-business career, we annually provide $150,000 to assist those raising large animals for school projects they will show and sell at the fair. The support of the community allows more than 6,000 public and private students to compete in sports events unavailable at their schools through fair tournaments.

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The Youth Fair’s good works enhance the social fabric of our community and the residents of Miami-Dade make that happen. Thank you, and always remember to Be There!

Eddie Cora,


Miami-Dade County Youth Fair & Exposition

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