Letters to the Editor

Mayor Gimenez backs off

Since a recall movement was started for the mayor, he has backed off of some of his worst case scenario draconian cuts to police and transportation for the disabled and shutting down a golf course. Instead of picking on public transportation riders, many of whom are too poor to own cars; unions and police for health insurance costs; libraries that are low on cash to purchase books and provide other services; and mowing of parks, median strips that have become jungles; how about taking a look at the annual salaries of your five deputy mayors, ranging from $225,000 to $267,000?

Maybe you should also look at the generous “operating budget" distributed to every Miami-Dade Commissioner to run their district office, that this fiscal year reached $868,000 each. The commissioners’ chiefs of staffs salaries top off at $131,465. That’s good money for an employee who is basically tasked with making each politician look good to their constituents.

Diane Lawrence, Miami

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