Letters to the Editor

Choose solar energy

The Aug. 13 article, Lots of sun, but rules cloud use of solar panels, on the impediments to Florida residents utilizing solar energy, illustrates the outrageous influence of money in politics. The fact that Florida residents and business owners aren’t allowed to lease and install solar panels is damning evidence. In Florida, use of this alternative energy source should be vigorously encouraged through tax incentives, credits, and financing options. Instead, individuals who want to contribute to the environmental health of the state and save themselves some money at the same time are slapped down and told no way.

We should be ashamed that states like Massachusetts and New Jersey and countries like Germany, all of which have much less sunshine than we do, have promoted this now cheap, clean source of energy, while our politicians only make it harder.

Florida’s citizens should be incensed at our legislature and governor for choosing the lobbyists and big industry contributors over the individual and small business owner.

Michael Cohen, Lighthouse Point

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