Letters to the Editor

Response to archbishop’s stance on same-sex marriage

Re Archbishop Thomas Wenski’s Aug. 17 letter, Same-sex marriages would open Pandora’s Box: I am a 76-year-old heterosexual woman, married to my husband for 45 years. No one forced me into this relationship, just as no one forced Wenski into the celibate life selected. How does my marital relationship hurt him or his lack of one hurt me? Similarly, if two women or two men choose each other as life partners, it has nothing to do with his choice or mine. It hurts neither of us. Certainly, no clergyman or woman should be forced to officiate at any marriage of which he or she does not approve, but I don’t think that should mean that there can be no marriage where they do not approve.

Many people who share Archbishop Wenski’s point of view refer to the Florida vote of 2008 rejecting marriage equality.

But as Judge Sara Zabel said in her verdict, we can vote anything we want into the state Constitution, but it still has to pass muster with the Constitution of the United States. Denying anybody the right to marriage is to deny them his or her fundamental right. One by one, each state has begun to recognize this basic constitutional premise. The rest, including Florida, will have to fall in line, sooner or later.

Archbishop Wenski rails against the “hollow victories of the sexual revolution,” abortion and safe sex, and seems to promote a return to the way things were 50 years ago. This train has already left the station. We must evolve into a more just society.

As Archbishop Wenski is a man of God. How can he think it is right to stigmatize and cast out so many of His — or Her — children?

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Maxine E. Schwartz, Hollywood

Outside his realm

I have no problem with Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski preaching to his flock. That’s his job.

What I do have a problem with is inserting himself in the middle of issues outside of his realm. He and the Catholic church can believe whatever they want, but to sit in judgment of those who believe differently is the height of arrogance.

As Michael Franti wrote, it’s not “who” you love. It’s “do” you love. We can always use a little more love in this world full of people who love to hate those who are different from themselves.

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Jean Tucker, Miami Springs

Moral breakdown

Mazel Tov to Archbiship Wenski! The argument against same-sex marriage is not about discrimination or property rights. It is about the breakdown of values and morality in our society. Judaism and Christianity teach that our moral values come from the same source, and that our goal is to work toward a higher moral level. Our goal is not self satisfaction in the name of equality and freedom. We should improve ourselves, not rationalize behavior in the name of personal freedom.

Jerome S. Reich, Miami

Love thy neighbor

Wenski’s venemous diatribe against marriage equality reminded me of George Wallace’s famous “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever” speech.

It will be interesting to see if, years from now, Wenski will ask for forgiveness like Wallace eventually did. In the meantime, Wenski should stop being such an angry “dead-ender” and be more like the Christian he says he is. It has something to do with loving thy neighbor. He should give it a try. Pope Francis seems to be doing an excellent job at it.

David Treece, Miami

Not for me

As a practicing Catholic who has been unable to help her children understand the church’s intolerance to love as our Lord has taught, I am saddened by my children’s view that my church might not be the one that they, or perhaps I, should be a part of.

Elizabeth Hernandez, Miami Beach

A nonissue

Archbishop Wenski does an excellent job of rebutting gay marriage. His writing style is only outdone by his superior command of the English language. Gay marriage is a nonissue to Floridians who have spoken at the ballot box. Activist judges ironically forget that they count on the same ballot box. Why is that?

Cal Crowder, Miami

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