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Coronavirus is just one more challenge. Americans will beat this pandemic | Opinion

Our country is being challenged by the COVID-19 emergency. Across our great land, crisis is bringing our country as well, as the rest of the world, to a halt. This crisis is like a combination of the 9/11 attacks and the financial meltdown of 2008. In some ways it seems worse, as we are pounded each day by television news and social media with information about COVID-19 and there seems no end in sight.

But America will overcome this challenge as we have done others in the past. This will not stop America. The disease was first identified in 2019 in Wuhan, China, and has since spread globally, resulting in this coronavirus pandemic. There are reports that China knew about the deadly nature of this virus in the fall of 2019, yet failed to disclose it to the rest of the world.

As with our national mood after 9/11, we must now remember our national purpose. We must unite and remember that this virus affects both Democrats and Republicans, and all Americans. As more people are tested, the number of Americans with the virus will increase, which and this will result in troubling news in the coming days. We should, and cannot, let that news defeat us. We will beat this.

We need to take care of those in great danger of COVID-19, especially people with pre-existing health problems and seniors. We must show compassion and help those affected by the crisis. We also need to learn a lesson as a nation as we look ahead to the future once this crisis has passed.

The COVID-19 crisis has raised issues with one specific country, China. Should we be so dependent on China as a global supplier of goods that are essential to beat this pandemic? That answer is a resounding No. As in the days when America depended on oil from unfriendly countries, today’s crisis is not just an economic issue, but a national security one too.

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America and American companies need to rethink the current policies of having China supply many of the ingredients that are used for our pharmaceutical products, and other supplies and products needed to combat this pandemic like masks, respirators, other medical gear and products that are currently manufactured in China. Perhaps one of the lessons of this crisis is that we should manufacturer goods in other countries or even bring back those manufacturing jobs to America. Can China be trusted with the disclosure of credible and truthful data? Last week’s expelling of American journalists from the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal is another reminder that China is a Communist dictatorship run by President Ji, who wears Brooks Brothers suits and not military fatigues but is as ruthless has his predecessors. Can any product, especially one we swallow, that is made in China be trusted ? Let us rethink our current policies so we can strengthen America and reduce, if not eliminate, our dependence on China.

America will come out of this stronger than ever. Our strength is our democracy, and the resilient American people. During 9/11 some of our heroes were the police, firefighters, our military, other first responders, and ordinary everyday Americans. Today is no different than 9/11. Those same people continue to be our heroes, along with the scientists at the CDC, FDA and those in our finest laboratories here at home, from allies like Canada and across the world who are working hard to find a cure to COVID-19.

Let’s unite as Americans to beat this pandemic; together, we will.

Alex Sanchez

President and CEO

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