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Some use social media to post inconsequential things

I don’t believe Facebook played a role in this case at all. However, it does bring attention to the permeation of social media into our lives today that a man, clearly a social-media fanatic, would post a picture of his dead wife — murdered at his hands — on his page. It’s absolutely a tragic case, however, the only lesson I see here is that Facebook needs to be more proactive in moderating its site and removing inappropriate material.

I have never been a fan of posting all of the happening in my daily life online. It’s quite odd that people enjoy posting check-ins everywhere they go and photographing every meal they eat. Really, who cares?

I enjoy sharing accomplishments, funny videos, family photos and things that matter. A case like this has no impact on my use of social media. In fact, I think it solidifies my opinion on how social media should be used.

James Valle, Cutler Bay

Note: We asked members of the Public Insight Network— locals who have agreed to share their insights on current events for the Miami Herald and WLRN —if they reflected on their social media use in light of the South Miami man accused of killing his wife and posting her photo on Facebook. Have you read inappropriate Facebook posts? Tell us.Start informing our newsroom with your thoughts at MiamiHerald.com/insight.

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