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Driving culture in Miami needs to change

I would work diligently to change the driving culture of Miami-Dade County. When I came here some 20-plus years ago there were numerous lively discussions about the driving habits of Miamians. That is no longer the case. Nor has there been any change in Miami’s erratic and dangerous driving culture. Why is that? I’ve communicated with several public officials, talked with several police officers and contacted the Miami Herald, but have gotten no response whatsoever. Seems no one wants to talk about this problem, let alone do something about it.

This came to my attention immediately upon moving to Miami (I now live in Kendall) from Central Florida. I have young children that I taxi around town for a variety of reasons, and I can’t tell you how many times I nearly had an accident due to the random breaking of traffic laws by Miami drivers. And by the way, law enforcement officers break the same laws in their cruisers. They also turn a blind eye to drivers breaking traffic laws right in front of them!

Visiting family members and friends, as well as many tourists, have commented on the erratic driving habits of Miami drivers. “I can’t believe people drive that way down here.” Or, “This (meaning driving habits) would make me a nervous wreck.” These are just two of the many comments I’ve listened to over the years of living in Miami.

Gene Albelo, Kendall

Note: Many Miami-Dade County cities have a chance to elect a new mayor this year. We asked members of the Public Insight Network — locals who have agreed to share their insights on current events for the Miami Herald and WLRN — what they would do if they were mayor. What would you do if you were mayor? Tell us. Start informing our newsroom with your thoughts at MiamiHerald.com/insight .

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