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FIU is thriving, let it continue to do so

When I drove onto the FIU campus for my job interview in 1981, I thought “what an isolated and barren place.”

No more.

The several decades since have brought extraordinary change, and the university is prepared and ready, having reached the outer limits of development, to keep the expansion momentum moving forward into the next decades.

There is much to gain in developing the Fairground property as the logical — and only — resource for FIU’s continued advancement in intellectual and economic capital. Our many thousands of students here in Miami are studying to achieve their goals; our distinguished faculty are undertaking important and exciting research; and our campus and community resources for art, theater, music, lectures, conferences and sports — all deserve the opportunity for further advancement.

Florida International University is unique in establishing its local, national, and international reputation and esteem in so short a time. Areas of future development include medical and health, entrepreneurship, the sciences, and many other exciting initiatives.

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I encourage local residents who may not have been on campus for some time to come and see, not only how exceptional and thriving the campus is, but how expansion has taken us to the perimeter of our current location.

As FIU moves forward, this community moves alongside as natural partners in opportunity and enrichment.

Marilyn Hoder-Salmon, Ph.D., faculty (retired), Miami

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