A Sedano’s, a Presidente, a rodent-riddled Walmart and a CVS failed state inspection

Don’t know how old that food is. Don’t know WHAT that food is under the mold. Roaches. Rodents. Decomposed rat.

Welcome to this Gross Grocers report.

Food store workers, especially in large, popular chains, have been under immense stress since people began rampaging like their refrigerators, freezers and pantries contained no food, just the discount bulk buy from the neighborhood weed dealer. Violations are inevitable by overworked employees worrying about avoiding coronavirus while shifts of people get in their faces wanting to know “WHEN WILL YOU GET MORE??!!”

But look above the rank-and-file on the floor when you see things like no hand washing sink, no hot water or proliferating vermin.

What follows comes from Florida Department of Agriculture inspections of supermarkets, bodegas, convenience stores, minimarts, bakeries, food processors and food storage facilities. If you see a problem and want a place inspected, don’t email us. Click here and file a complaint. We don’t control who gets inspected or how strictly. We report without passion or prejudice, but with humor on BOGO.

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In alphabetical order:

Alkafaween Food Store, 6401 NW Second Ave., Miami: “Observed multiple rodent excreta on shelves throughout” the retail area.

No soap or paper towels for the hand washing sink next to the three-compartment sink. Then again, there was no hot water anywhere so a Stop Use Order got slapped on for all food processing.

“Multiple” open bulk hams in the reach-in cooler had been there longer than the seven-day allowable limit.

Beenefits, 10118 SW 107 th Ave., Southwest Miami-Dade: They weren’t sanitizing equipment or utensils before or after they were used.

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The processing area was already under a Stop Use Order. No hand washing sink, you see.

CVS: 2 S. Federal Hwy., Deerfield Beach: In the back room, “rodent excreta was observed on the floor and several shelves in the upstairs stock room. A decomposed rat and rodent excreta was observed on top of the air duct in the upstairs stockroom.”

That’s enough for a fail.

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Chevron Bird Road, 7625 Bird Rd., Miami: No hand washing sink in the sandwich-making area. No soap at the hand washing sink by the ware washing sink.

“Found dry food residue on the blades of the deli meat slicer.”

No gas station sushi, but the gas station beef empanadas, beef with olive empanadas, ham and cheese empanadas, cheese empanadas and Jamaican patties all got trashed for being 20 to 30 degrees cooler than they needed to be.

Community Food Store, 1750 Hammondville Rd., Pompano Beach: Hope you didn’t eat in the deli ares, where there was no hot water at the hand sink and the inspector “observed employee not sanitizing food service tongs and container before being dried.”

Check that bologna before you fry it up because a “package of unopened bologna inside the reach-in cooler has lost its hermetic seal.”

Also, in the retail area, “several flying insects flying around mop stored by door to walk in cooler.”

See if you can find a pattern. “Walk-in cooler — dirt and trash accumulated on floor. Deli area — dirt, food debris and trash accumulated on floors around and under ware wash sink, prep tables and coolers. Retail area — dust and dirt accumulated on floors around retail shelving.”

Cruz Bakery, 4330 E. 10 th Ln., Hialeah: “Condensate dripping from a/c vents in the processing area. In addition, observed condensate dripping inside three door reach-in cooler, at time of inspection observed water dripping into bucket with liquid whole eggs.”

Now, this would seem a problem for a bakery. “The heads of the three floor mixers were encrusted with old food residue. In addition, observed a cookie depositor and cup-cake depositor encrusted with old food residue. Also, the flow packaging machine was soiled with old food residue.”

Franjo Rd. Citgo Station, 18001 Franjo Rd., Palmetto Bay: “Black mold-like growth found in a pot of liquid food item (employee did not know what food product it was) inside of reach-in cooler.”

Continuing in the black mold-like theme, “Black mold-like grime found inside of the ice machine used for cooling canned beverages.”

No hot water in either gender’s restroom nor were there paper towels. Good luck washing hands after a full service stop.

“Small live flies were found at the coffee machine area, as well as near the cutting board in the kitchen.

“Found ants were crawling on wall behind the table where the cutting board is been used.”

Hot box not hot enough and reach-in cooler not cool enough.

“Found plastic bags being used as drain stoppers at ware wash sink.”

gr8 food services, 2545 NW 42 nd Ave., Miami: “Food employees not informed of their responsibility to report foodborne illnesses and symptoms.”

“Food employee not washing hands before working with open foods and after exiting and reentering.”

“Employee was observed wash and rinsing and skipping sanitizing portion of ware washing.”

“Ice machine found with black, mold-like growth on inside ice-making portions of the machine.”

And the food thrown out for temperature abuse could’ve fed a quarantined family of four through part of a Bob’s Burgers binge: packaged pork, deli ham, swiss cheese, butter, hot dogs, cooked pork chunks, ham and cheese empanadas, ham croquettas, spicy beef patties and beef pastries.

La Victoria Distributors, 3310 NW 30 th St., Miami: A guy working in the ready-to-eat sandwich assembly area washed his hands, didn’t sanitize them, then dried them on his pants before putting on gloves.

“Observed hand wash sinks with no hand sanitizer available in ready-to-eat sandwich assembly area.” Hand sanitizer? What about SOAP?

The inspector saw “old, dried, encrusted food residue” on two dough formers, several pastry cutters, dough conditioner machine, two bread molders, and several mixer heads.

“In addition, observed pastry bag used to pipe icing soiled with mold-like substance in the exterior of the bag.”

Los Hermanos Mini Market, 501 NW 12 th Ave., Miami: Neither drinking water nor sewage disposal was from an approved source.

Mas Por Menos Supermarket Cafeteria, 15260 SW 280 th St., Homestead: No soap at the meat area handwashing sink next to the floor meat grinder.”

Also in the meat area, “observed black residue on the backside of the top wheel to the band-saw” and in the deli area, “old, yellow food residue found on the blade of the lunch meat slicer.” That says it’s a few slicings beyond scrubbing time.

In the kitchen, a cooking pot was “stored directly on the floor under the hand washing sink’s drainage.”

A kitchen reach-in cooler, “has debris and encrusted grease all over the door’s frames and on the side of the unit.”

Mediterranean Delight, 1920 Tigertail Blvd., Dania Beach: “Observed food employee processing pita bread leave the room, re-enter the room and continue to process pita bread without washing hands between tasks.”

The handwashing sink closest to where the labneh is made doesn’t have running water.

“Observed two draining apparatuses composed of cheesecloth filled with Greek-style yogurt pressed between two buckets in the process of draining at ambient temperature, with no temperature control, as well as surrounded by flies, too many to count.”

Managers said this is a 48-hour draining process to make the labneh. They had 66 containers of labneh. All got trashed.

Old Cutler Marathon, 16767 Old Cutler Rd., Palmetto Bay: “Observed food employee not washing hands before donning gloves prior to preparing coffee and not changing gloves after washing wiping cloth.”

Well, where was the worker supposed to get clean hands?

No hot water in the unisex restroom. The ware wash room’s handwashing sink was “blocked by multiple canned drinks” and had an “accumulation of leaves and other debris,” anyway.

There’s no handwashing sink in the room with the convection oven used for cooking ribs. Marathon has 30 days to correct this.

In the deli area, the equipment and utensils weren’t being sanitized every four hours.

Palm Beach County Food Bank, 525 Gator Dr., Lantana: “Strawberries were observed in direct contact with white mold approximately 1/8 inch thick in three plastic cases on a pallet in the walk-in cooler in the cold storage warehouse.”

“Three mice excreta were observed on a pallet in the walk-in cooler in the cold storage warehouse.”

“Two mice excreta were observed on the floor near the entrance door in the main dry good storage warehouse.”

“One mice excreta was observed on the floor of the hallway next to the main dry good storage room in the dry good storage warehouse.”

How did Pixie and Dixie get in to rob the food bank?

“Two holes, approximately 1 to 2 inches each, were observed in the wall opposite the side entrance door in the main dry good storage warehouse. The side and rear bays doors were observed open to outside air with no barrier to prevent pests from entering the establishment in the dry good storage warehouse.”

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Premium Market, 2331 SW 32 nd Ave., Miami: Want chedder on that deli sandwich? “Open package of yellow cheddar cheese found with a green mold-like growth in the deli cold unit.”

Also in the deli, where there was no sanitizer at the warewashing sink, “observed employee using single-use gloves for multiple tasks such as cooking and washing equipment.”

Some ham and fish got tossed when “employees were unable to confirm the date the sliced ham was opened and the date cooked fish was cooked.”

In the back room, “black, mold like growth on wall and ceiling in corner of walk-in cooler leading to walk-in freezer.

Presidente Supermarket, 3001 NW 17 th Ave., Miami: This Presidente went zero for two, failing inspection on March 6 and the Friday re-inspection.

“Food service and processing areas, observed employees enter the processing area and work with open foods without washing their hands.”

Ever wonder about that smell?

“Kitchen, processing, meat, seafood, produce and back room area observed floors, walls, ceiling, coolers and freezer doors with heavy soil and black mold-like throughout entire establishment.”

“Meat, produce, kitchen, processing and back room area observed holes on walls and ceilings throughout establishment.”

They had a plastic container with meat trimmings for ground beef uncovered in a walk-in cooler. No plastic Glad knock-offs left on the shelves to use?

“Deli slicer heavily unclean with old food residue on the processing table” and the meat department grinder also had “old food residue.” The food service and seafood ice machines just had “soil build up inside.”

Frozen corned beef and shrimp thawing at room temperature in the three-compartment sink. Buy that corned beef or shrimp, get the Fabuloso ready in case somebody doesn’t make it to the toilet or sink on time.

Sedano’s, 1690 W 68 th St., Hialeah: This Seds passed re-inspection on Friday. That was necessary because on March 6...

“ paper towels provided for the hand sink inside the men’s restroom” that employees use, in the back.

Meanwhile, in the deli, “found multiple opened bulk sandwich hams without date marking according to law. Person in charge was not able to determined when the hams were opened.” Basura.

In the meat area, “observed slicer, band saw and meat tenderizer machine with encrusted old food particles.”

“...found multiple bagged cut leafy salads with internal temperatures between 52 degrees and 55 degrees when probed with thermometer located inside the walk-in cooler.” They need to be 41 degrees or under. More basura.

The three-compartment sinks in the cafe and produce areas had “soil build up through out the compartments.”

“Observed, litter and debris underneath food storage racks throughout the grocery back room.”

7 Point Naturals, 1855 Dr. Andres Way, Delray Beach: Things were a little too natural here.

No hand wash sink so a Stop Use Order got dropped on all food processing. Also, no “documentation showing that water being used in the facility is from an approved source.

There were 30 bottles of 500mg CBD isolate drops had labels that said they contained 16mg CBD per serving. The Ag Department has found they contain 13mg CBD per serving.

Shell Gas, 8010 W. Hialeah Gardens Blvd., Hialeah: The back room area ice machine had “soil and mold-like (substance) inside the ice machine chute.”

All this food needed to be kept at 135 degrees or higher and was at 92 to 99 degrees: several ham, cheese, chorizo, and bacalao croquettes, beef, chicken, ham and cheese and spinach empanadas.

Walmart, 2551 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach: If you have a pest control business, hit up this Walmart. They need to get it under control before March 25 or there will be one less place pushing Little Debbie snack cakes in the neighborhood.

In the backroom, “observed rodent excreta on floor along walls and under shelving in receiving area” and “multiple spider webs in dry storage area. Observed food spillage and soil build-up on wall and floor at compactor door.”

Still in the backroom, “multiple fruit flies at mop sink located at trash compactor.”

In the deli, “rodent excreta on floor along walls and under shelving in receiving area...multiple roaches in custom deli hot holding service case back room...roach activity in hot case holding one pan of uncovered, cooked breaded chicken wings.

Maybe the roaches were headed for the “multiple previously opened deli meats with expired date marks including deli ham, roasted turkey and roasted chicken breast.”

Guess the paper towel shortage hit deep. No hand towels at a deli hand sink and a bakery hand sink.

“If evidence of pest infestation is observed on the next inspection, a Stop-Use Order will be issued on all receiving areas of the establishment and the establishment will no longer be allowed to receive additional food items, a Stop-Use Order of all processing equipment (if applicable) will be issued and a Stop-Sale Order of all exposed food items (if applicable) will be issued until the infestation is eradicated.”

Major chains with stores that passed full inspections

CVS: 1701 N. University Dr., Pembroke Pines; 150 W. Camino Real, Boca Raton; 21140 Saint Andrews Blvd., Boca Raton.

Dollar General: 1330 Lantana Rd., Lantana; 2695 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach.

Dollar Tree: 6016 Old Congress Rd., Lake Worth.

Family Dollar: 5335 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach.

Presidente Supermarket: 3322 NE Seventh St., Homestead; 450 NE 125 th St., North Miami; 18350 NW Seventh Ave., North Miami-Dade; 11336 Quail Roost Dr.; South Miami-Dade; 1510 S. Federal Hwy., Hollywood.

Publix: 402 E. Dania Beach Blvd., Dania Beach (focused); 6921 W. Broward Blvd., Plantation; 6901 Taft St., Hollywood; 4771 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach; 1001 S. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton.

Sedano’s: 2319 N. State Rd. 7, Hollywood;

7-Eleven: 3100 NW 9 th Ave., Oakland Park; 460 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale; 831 E. Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton; 2501 SW 15 th St., Pompano Beach; 4550 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Coconut Creek.

Target: Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise; 1200 Linton Blvd., Delray Beach.

Walmart: 9191 W. Flagler St., Miami.

Walgreens: 6991 SW Eighth St., West Miami-Dade; 3099 N. State Rd. 7, Lauderdale Lakes; 21324 Saint Andrews Blvd., Boca Raton

Winn-Dixie: 30346 Old Dixie Hwy., Homestead; 6600 Hypoluxo Rd., Lake Worth.

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