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WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, ‘WWE 2K15’s’ Mark Little reveal game details

Shawn Michaels and Triple H had one of the greatest matches in SummerSlam history in 2002.

Now 12 years later this important chapter of their bitter feud will be revisited in video game form thanks to “WWE 2K15,” available in North America on Oct. 28.

Through high quality cinematics and historic WWE footage, players will be able to explore not only “The Game” versus the “Heartbreak Kid” from 2002 through 2004, but the popular struggle between CM Punk and John Cena spanning 2011 to 2013. The 2K Showcase will be a story-driven, single-player campaign in the forthcoming release.

The game’s executive director Mark Little revealed details of the mode during a recent conference call.

“The ‘WWE 2K15’ story mode has been rebranded as the 2K Showcase to focus on the top rivalries in WWE history,” he said. “In the format that we are using for these showcases is a min-documentary style…Set up at mini-documentary style packages including video assets and scripted commentary up-to-date historically accurate characters and events. Players are able to play through 33 matches across two rivalries that tell the story of those rivalries.

“It will also allow you to unlock new WWE superstars, championships and alternate attires that can be used. This is a large amount of content. It’s a very deep play experience and something users will be able to immerse themselves in and either relive the experiences they saw live on TV back all those years ago or will be introduced to them for the first time through this mode. Obviously, we have WWE fans of all generations. It’s a good way for people to be able to experience some of the great storylines from previous years in WWE.”

There are also plans to release additional rivalries through downloadable content (DLC). During his storied career, Michaels has found himself in countless videogames, but the WWE Hall of Famer remains honored to be included in them. Developers took the trip to Texas for HBK’s scanning process.

During the call, Michaels said he doesn’t think in all the 25 years he wrestled has he ever been in front of more cameras at one time. It just gives an idea of how seriously the 2K team takes its job of presenting a lifelike and accurate product the WWE Universe can enjoy.

“To be four years removed and have the opportunity to be a major part of ‘WWE 2K15’ as one of the 2K Showcase rivalries with Triple H is very exciting for me,” Michaels said. “…It was an amazing return. My return from a four–year absence in 2002 and to have all that chronicled now in a videogame is nothing short of pretty cool for a guy that hasn’t been doing it for a while. I’m excited about that.”

He is also looking forward to the potential fantasy matchups gamers can create.

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“They are the matches you never got to see,” Michaels said. “They can come to life in ‘WWE 2K15.’ One of those I’m very excited about is the character Sting. He is brand new to WWE as a whole. I never got a chance to wrestle him. That is something that can come true in ‘WWE 2K15’ plus a number of younger stars with Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, young men I never got the opportunity to be in the ring with. It can happen here…”

Reflecting, Michaels said he doesn’t believe he could have done it with anybody better than Triple H.

“No secret he and I are extremely close,” Michaels said. “…We’ve gone full circle. That’s something I think this rivalry is going to show. We came back after the four year absence and were going to get DX back together. It was something everybody wanted the feel-good moment. Then of course he turned on me like the rabid dog he is. The amazing thing to me and thing I always enjoy about that rivalry is it was two years. That is a hard to do. There is so much that happened in that two years, and these people are going to get to play through every aspect of it…It’s going to be amazing what folks are going to be able to do in this game…”

Paul “Triple H” Levesque, executive vice president, talent, live events and creative at WWE, said in a release: “Featuring two of the biggest rivalries in WWE history, including my storied matches with Shawn Michaels, there’s no doubt fans will experience the thrill first-hand through ‘WWE 2K15.’

“2K Showcase brings WWE to life in a way our fans have never seen before through a video game.”


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