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Barry Jackson

Miami runs on Duncan? Here’s what happened when Robinson tried to align with donut chain

A six-pack of Miami Heat notes on a Tuesday night:

▪ Fourteen years ago, Dunkin’ Donuts - the national coffee and donut chain now merely called Dunkin’ - launched the most successful ad campaign in its 69-year history, “America Runs on Dunkin.’”

So Heat sharp-shooter Duncan Robinson had an idea: How about the company incorporate him in its South Florida ads, something like Miami runs on Duncan or South Florida runs on Duncan.

His agent, Jason Glushon, called the company.

“For whatever reason, they weren’t interested,” Robinson said. “I thought that would be fun. That was the one [company] I thought would be pretty cool. I’m trying to plug the Duncan Donuts thing: Miami runs on Duncan. It’s not going so well right now. We’ll see.”

▪ Kelly Olynyk will get a $400,000 bonus for the Heat making the playoffs. Miami will officially clinch a postseason berth with a win at home Wednesday against Charlotte.

But Olynyk is unlikely to receive a $1 million bonus based on playing time. Olynyk would need to play 1700 minutes to get that bonus and he’s on pace for 1388. He reached that threshold, and collected that bonus, each of his first two seasons in Miami.

His base salary this season is $11.7 million and he has a $13.6 million player option for next season, the final year of his four-year deal.

▪ With Tyler Herro expected back Wednesday after missing 15 games with a foot/ankle injury, (barring an unforeseen setback), Spoelstra must decide when and how to inject him in the lineup. A quintet of Olynyk, Jae Crowder, Andre Iguodala, Goran Dragic and Robinson has outscored teams 196-140 in 68 minutes, but Herro obviously warrants significant minutes.

On going potentially 10 deep, Spoelstra said: “We will have to adjust. This is a good thing. We are going to need everybody at some point.”

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He said in the playoffs, “It might not be everybody [among 10 rotation members] every game. Everyone knew there would be adjustment at some point.”

▪ Whether it’s Herro or Robinson joining Olynyk, Crowder, Iguodala and Dragic on the court Wednesday, that Heat second group is unique in that every player has three point range.

Having five skilled perimeter shooters on the floor at once “can be deadly because if you make three possessions and three threes, it’s 9-0,” Dragic said. “It’s a lot of shooters out there and a lot of more space to operate.... [But] you need to be careful on defense. The opposite team can do that to your team. We have really explosive guys who can score quickly. As long as we play solid defense we are in good shape.”

▪ Spoelstra said he doesn’t want to play Andre Iguodala more than 24 minutes a game, and preferably less, at least until postseason.

Iguodala, in 13 games for Miami, is averaging 4.5 points (a career low), 3.8 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 1.2 blocks and a career low 18.6 minutes per game as he works himself back after not playing in a game since last season’s NBA Finals. He’s shooting 48 percent overall and 34.8 percent on threes.

Iguodala said he’s fine with that minutes range. “A few games I felt really good and still had energy left after the game,” he said Tuesday. “Other games, I’ve been like, whew, that was all I had.

“I still have a lot of room to grow. I use these last 18 games to get these mistakes out of the way and be ready for a good playoff push. I found in June this past year, in the Finals, I really had a great rhythm offensively, felt really good, breaking guys down, being able to break guys down off the dribble, whereas now it’s only been 13 games for me, it’s almost like you’re still early in the season.

“I usually get the good flow around December and then find another good flow around February and the ultimate flow around June. So hopefully,I’m catching that first wave of flow right around now going into the playoffs. I’m using these last 18 games to find that good flow offensively because defense is like riding a bike for me. I’m riding full speed ahead right now.”

He made clear he will be fine with whatever playing time he gets.

With his playing time, Spoelstra “has been going game by game,” Iguodala said. “There are nights I have a good rhythm; he notices that and he leaves me out there.”

Even with Dragic in foul trouble, Jimmy Butler injured and Crowder in concussion protocol, Iguodala didn’t play down the stretch Sunday against Washington because “I couldn’t really get a rhythm and Solo [Solomon Hill] was playing well and he let Solo ride it out. The goal is to win the game. I’ve never been a guy to try to disrupt that flow. Solo had a great flow.

“That’s the type of locker room this team has and I think it makes it easier on the coach to be able to, if he feels something, he can just ride it out and not worry about someone’s feelings or disrupting someone’s sensitivities.

“We’ve got a great locker room and I’ve really enjoyed being around Spo. We kind of see basketball the same way.”

Bam Adebayo said during the fourth quarter in Sunday’s win at Washington, it got to the point where “my teammates are like, ‘Don’t pass us the ball.’”

What teammate most often or most vociferously tells him to be more aggressive offensively and look for his shot?

Solomon Hill, Adebayo said. “Solomon has been in my ear a lot,” encouraging Adebayo to “be in attack mode.”

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This story was originally published March 10, 2020 9:44 PM.

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